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  “I’m Done Settling!”

Hey, this morning I had a nutty idea.  It was over the edge.  Random!  Even bizarre!  What would happen, if I just started running my own race?  Not the one others say I’m capable of.  And certainly not the race my past expects of me.  What if I said, “No limits.  I’m done settling!  My destiny is too great to stay stuck in mediocre for one more second!”  But PK, I’ve been through so much.  I’m just lucky to be alive.  No, everything you’ve been through, has been designed by God to sharpen you and prepare you for this very moment!  Don’t you see it?  This Sunday, Mok and I want to show you some of the wonder of our trip to Laos.  We have a beautiful gift for each of you at the close of service.  And I’m going to give you a clear message from God, on how to stand up and run your own race. See you Sunday!

~ Pastor Kendall~

GraceChurch wants to pray for you!

We all have reasons to seek the Lord.  Some people pray for health, money, peace, family, etc.  GraceChurch is a Spirit-filled group that firmly believes in the power of prayer.  We have a team of prayer warriors that are available for intercessory prayer, if you have an urgent need.  We also have a congregation that is lead in prayer every Sunday for those who are raised up for prayer.  You can ask for prayer anonymously, as an unknown need (God knows), or let us know exactly who you are and what you want us to pray about.  Please visit our Prayer page for info.  GCPrays







  A very Special “Thank You” to Jason Barton & Chris Lockwood of 33 Miles for sharing this song with us.  www.33milesonline.com Click on the song 01 What Grace Looks Like



Bible verse of the day
When I said, “My foot is slipping,” your unfailing love, Lord, supported me.