High Voltage Kids Ministries


High Voltage Kids

High Voltage Kids, under the passionate heart of Don Harmon and his team, is our kids program at GraceChurch.  It is for ages 5-12. Don has the love of our Lord in his heart and for the kids. If you would like to contact Don, please email him at  DHarmon915@roadrunner.com  

or call 207-518-3644 .  High Voltage is full of energy, prizes, guest visitors, games and learning God’s word.  If you are looking for a program for your children ages 5-12 then High Voltage is the place.

High Voltage Kids & Jrs


 11:00am – 12:00pm


AND…High Voltage Juniors is an exciting program for children ages 3-5. This program includes hands on lessons and crafts and tons of excitement for the children. FUN, FUN, and more FUN!!! See Sheila Baker for information.

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