Sorry We Hurt You

When most people recall their personal memories of going to church as a child, or even as an adult, those memories are far too often painful.  Many have quick images of harsh rules, hypocrites, politics, scandals, hatred and angry shouting exchanges at public forums.  Yet Jesus lived and taught something very different.  His followers were to be loving, caring, generous and forgiving.  Things that have been and still are, quite foreign on the religious landscape.

It is indeed time for the Christian church to repent and apologize for it’s failures.  We want to say how sorry we are that we the Christian church have hurt you.

Please forgive us…

…for not listening when you called out for help;

…for being so hypocritical that we convinced ourselves we were “right,”  but you could see right through us;

…for not weeping with you when you wept, and rejoicing with you when you rejoiced;

…for being so political, that we greatly diminished and tarnished our voice of fairness;

…for being religious when we should have been real, and being divided when we should have embraced;

…for hindering your faith and getting in your way, when we were called to shine a light of truth to help you see the way;

…for being more interested in your money, than in knowing you and the purpose God created you for;

…for speaking with anger, harshness, and judgement when we should have judged our own sins;

…for franchising the faith into so many different religious institutions and denominations, leaving our message confusing and inconsistant;

…for being so narrow, that we embraced our dogma, more than our desire to please God;

…for making you feel you were not good enough, not spiritual enough, and just didn’t measure up;

…for giving you the idea that God was a million miles away and disinterested in your life;

…for not feeding you when you were hungry, not clothing you when you were naked, not befriending you when you were alone, and not helping you when you were hurt;

We at GRACE are determined to be different, do it different, and make a difference.  We want to show you what “Grace” looks like.  We want to say, “Welcome Home to Grace”

Bible verse of the day
Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.